Natural Foods That Fight Diabetes

Natural Foods that can help control the Disease

With Diabetes on the increase, more people are suffering from the disease than before. It is a condition where it causes your blood sugar level to become too high.

People that are overweight have a bigger chance of getting diabetes, especially if they are carrying more weight around the stomach.

There is hope, however, to combat diabetes in a natural way and the article below discusses some of the foods that can help.

Diabetes has no known cure, but there are many ways to control the disease and prevent the symptoms from interfering with daily life.

One major way to help control diabetes is through a healthy diet. It is common knowledge that diabetics need to be careful around sugar and carbs, but what foods will actually help control the disease? Here are some natural dietary supplements that control diabetes.

Bitter Melon

Bitter melon can do wonders for your metabolism. You can make your own juice from melons at the supermarket, or buy bitter melon juice at Asian food markets.

Bitter melon is actually a type of squash, and it is usually found in Asia. It is also known as bitter gourd or bitter squash. The flesh is rather bitter (hence the name), so it is good to mix in other fruits to make a smoothie or maybe add some low-sugar dressing to the juice. It can also be served with yogurt, or even curried.


Unsweetened oatmeal, although it is a carbohydrate, can help control blood sugar. It is slower to digest than simple white bread and is high in soluble fiber.

Due to the slower digestion rate, oatmeal is a steadier source of energy than bread and can help us feel full longer. It is a great addition to the diet of anyone looking to lose weight, which is a major factor in controlling diabetes. Barley has the same benefits as oats and can be paired with a more savory dish. Whole grains are a great choice for diabetics.

Sparkling Water With Lemon Juice

Soda is one of the worst things for a person with diabetes (and anyone else, for that matter). Sugary sodas put insulin levels in the danger zone, and even sugar-free sodas have been shown to alter metabolism in a negative way.

Sugar-free sparkling waters are a great replacement if you crave something sweet and fizzy. For a bit of extra flavor, try adding lemon juice, or a sweeter fruit juice like strawberry or pineapple juice (with no added sugar). Some sparkling waters are pre-flavored and low in calories.


Ever heard of the cinnamon challenge? We don’t advise that you try it, but adding a bit of cinnamon to your diet can help reduce blood sugar levels in people with diabetes.

Research has proven that cinnamon extract is especially beneficial for patients who have trouble controlling blood sugar. There has been little research on the benefits of cinnamon, but many doctors recommend you sprinkle a little bit onto your cereal.

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