McDonald’s Losing its Sizzle with GMO Foods

McDonalds Sales on the decline

The fast food company has been around for a long time and their franchise has grown all over the world. For the most part they have really been profitable but recently their sales are on the decrease.

Health scares, competition from other fast food chains are among some of the reasons why the Golden Arches colossal is losing favor.

Hopefully, people are starting to learn that eating this type of food is not good for their long term health and are ditching Ronald and co for more wholesome food.


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The McDonald’s empire appears to be taking some serious financial hits not only in the United States but overseas as well. Sales are declining sharply and in wake of the economic downturn which the company has taken, the CEO has recently stepped down from his position as the iconic fast-food restaurant chain appears to be losing its reputation as a stable stock investment.

It appears that the core reason for this decline in sales around the world is the fact that many documentaries have been done on this fast-food restaurant and its extensive use of GMO foods and chemical additives in many of their menu items. This documentation has not only been done by the media but by concerned health organizations. It appears that for most people, the fact that many foods on the menu contain over 19 different ingredients (most of which are highly processed and chemical in nature) as well as ingredients that are known to be genetically modified is sufficient reason for choosing not to eat there again.

The result is that globally, McDonald’s reported that its net sales declined 2.2%, which was a greater increase than was expected by market analysts; the decline within the United States was even greater, topping out at 4.7%.

As more people become aware of what exactly is on the menu, they are apparently becoming more turned off to the prospect of continuing to dine there. The declining net sales of this once-dominant company are tangible proof of this.

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