Fast Food That Can be Good For You

First Ever Organic Fast Food Restaurant Opens in California

If you love your natural foods then the idea of going to a fast food restaurant may not be the most appealing idea.

You may find it hard to find anything that you can order that would be free of GMO’s and nothing that would be considered as organic.

This may all start to change though as in California the first ever organic fast food restaurant has recently opened. This has been USDA certified and uses ingredients free of GMO’s.

There are plans to open 25 more organic fast food restaurants in the USA.

organic fast food

The Organic Group was started by a former buyer for Costco, whose vision was to revolutionize the fast food industry, pushing the motto: fast food can be good food. The best part? They specialize in fried chicken, and yes, organic friend chicken at that – and they somehow manage to do it with an affordable price tag, with sandwiches averaging about $9.

The Organic Coup serves a variety of entrees including an organic, air-chilled chicken sandwich fried in organic coconut oil and served on a toasted, organic artisan bun loaded with organic, spicy shredded veggies; organic popcorn covered in caramel and drizzled in chocolate; and organic fountain drinks.

Air-chilled method saves tens of thousands of gallons of water each day and produces better tasting chicken

The chicken used by The Organic Coup is air-chilled, meaning the meat is cooled with a state-of-the-art “Air Chill” system, which inhibits the spread of bacteria and saves 30,000 gallons of chlorinated water each day. The alternative to air-chilled chicken is washing the meat in chlorinated water, which often contains bleach, at least for non-organic chicken. This process is not only toxic, but incredibly wasteful, and it washes away the chicken’s natural juices.

Another practice that sets The Organic Coup apart from conventional fast food restaurants is its use of coconut oil, which the eatery says it uses due to the fact that it’s loaded with good, healthy fats as opposed to harmful trans-fats.

While The Organic Coup says it’s the only USDA Certified Organic fast food restaurant, there are reportedly only eight certified organic dine-in restaurants in the U.S., with four being located in Seattle, and only one in each of the following cities: Chicago, Washington D.C., Austin and Carmel, California.