6 Natural Foods To Help Reduce Your Waist

Get a flatter stomach Naturally

If you want to lose a little fat around the waist for health reasons or so that you can get into those favorite pair of jeans then it doesn't always have to be about how many stomach crunches you do.

There is no one exercise where you can just target that belly fat. To get a flatter stomach it has to be a combination of what you eat and exercise.

Below is a selection of natural foods that are said to have an effect on your waistline. Give them a try on their own or combined with your exercise regime and see if it makes a difference for you.

Citrus Fruits

Vitamin C enrich fruits like lemons, grapefruit and oranges help your body process fat faster, which also eliminates insulin to prevent you from gaining weight. Add these fruits to your breakfast today.

Melon and Watermelon

These fruits are very high in potassium which regulates the sodium level thus resulting to reduce abdominal swelling.


It is best to consume only up to 10 a day. Because of its glycemic content, your sugar is controlled and it activates metabolism. Plus, due to its high content of calcium, protein, fiber and Omega-3, this gives you energy throughout the day.

High Fiber Vegetables

It is important that you know that is always good to eat a serving of raw vegetables a day: carrots, leafy greens, etc. As a result, you will better activate your body so it burns fat.

You should also include these vegetables that have a high content of fiber like spinach and broccoli. Their nutrients are able to absorb less fat in the intestines.


These tasty fruits like Strawberries, cranberries, blueberries and raspberries have high content of fiber and water and very few calories. Thanks to the flavonoids, they regulate sodium levels. And if that wasn’t enough, they have anthocyanins, which are capable of preventing fat and sugar assimilation. 


It is essential to source of Omega 3 and proteins, it activates your metabolism and prevents fat from accumulating in your abdomen. You can eat this twice a day.